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Weeding out mistakes

Say this three times, loudly - "I don’t have to live with my mistakes"

No, this isn’t about your husband, wife or job. (And I hope they didn't come to mind.) It’s about the ground cover that doesn’t cover, the shrub that’s taking over the side of your house, the flower that’s yellowing and wilting.

Maybe you did something wrong, maybe a plant is just in the wrong place. Whatever the cause, let it go. Give the ground cover away to someone who can use it, prune the shrub way back or cut it down, compost the flower. Most of all, forgive yourself for your choices, your neglect, your bad luck.

Dead or dying plants weigh down your spirit and make it hard to feel enthusiastic about your garden. Even the annoyingly vigorous shrub that’s hiding your window is a drain on your energy.

You've seen photos of great gardens, maybe you've toured a few. I've worked for people like that and I'll tell you their secret - they lose plants, they have failures, but they just start over with new plants. Always. Over and over.

Do the same. Clear the mistakes out of your yard and start over. And over. And over again.

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