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Grow what you love

A good idea, right? But not practical. At least that's what you're thinking. So many practicalities seem to control your garden, the amount of shade, available water, winter temperatures, etc. But practicalities can't tell you what to love. And love equals motivation.

And with motivation you can harness ingenuity. For instance, if you love fuchsias you'll probably find a partly shady place for at least one. When a frigid week threatens, you can take it inside, perhaps to a cool room or basement. No, they don't like indoor temperatures but during our short arctic spells it will be fine.

Or you can plant one of the varieties that are hardy in the Northwest. The flowers are usually smaller but they're easy care, even drought-tolerant once established.

So look for varieties of the plants you love that will also love your garden. Or deck. Or even windowsill. Limited space? Look for dwarf varieties of rhododendrons, roses, lilacs. Limited sun? Find roses that will grow well in part-shade. Longing for a tree? Research dwarf fruit trees and growing trees in pots.

Find the plants that speak to your heart, then let your ingenuity deal with the practicalities


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