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Too much parsley? Try "French Bread a la Zonie"

Parsley can be generous with its seedlings but what do you do with the bounty? The "Sunset Cookbook of Favorite Recipes," published in 1969, has a couple delicious answers, including "Green Rice," but this one is outstanding. Easy, and a guaranteed hit at potlucks, my family has been addicted to it for years.

And it's one recipe that's honest about its flexibility. First, grate half a pound to one pound of sharp (or medium) Cheddar cheese. Then add half a cup of finely chopped parsley. Then melt butter, add olive oil and then one or two cloves of garlic, minced, (or more) and the juice of half a lemon.

I melt the butter with the olive oil and garlic then add the lemon juice. This warm mix melts the cheese just enough to make it spreadable. Slather on top of split loaf of French bread, let sit for 15 minutes or so (if you can wait that long) then heat in a 350 degree oven until thoroughly heated. Finally, lightly broil the top, then serve.

The original instructions say to use a sourdough loaf, preferably, but I think that's too assertive so I've always used a decent French bread that's more mild. And I'm finding that the cheese-parsley-garlic-lemon mix is excellent on a rather boring low-carb loaf.

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