The lost art of "puttering"

Useful as it is to know what you "should" do, sometimes it's better to let go of the mental list you're carrying around. "Puttering," by definition, is a pleasant way to occupy yourself with trivialities, little things that you just feel like doing at the time.

Seems almost pointless, doesn't it? But the key here is that you're paying attention to what you feel like doing rather than what you "should" do. The focus shifts from practicality to intuition, impulse, even improvisation. And you might be surprised at the ideas that well up from your subconscious, the inspirations that say, "Oh, that would be fun!" or "I could move plants around here...."

The practical chores need to get done, of course, so setting a time limit on wandering around, picking up this or that, is usually necessary. Maybe ten minutes, maybe half an hour. Free space and hard work, a good balance.

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