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Keep your gardening fun!

Yes, I know, there's work, there's digging, there are things you don't really want to do. But what's the main difference between playing in a sandbox and making a garden? Well, gardens are a lot bigger, and there isn't the pressure to get your peas in at a certain time, but often it's the freedom to do silly things, do just what you want to whenever you want to do it.

Being a professional gardener wasn't the best preparation for having a vegetable garden of my own, mainly because it felt like I never had the time to just tweak the tiny things. Sure, I know what needs to be done and how to do it. Fun is something different, planting beets in a circle, or putting nasturtiums in with the tomatoes.

Fun can planning, or finding the right rocks to edge a bed. It can be taking photos of the translucent flowers of morning glory. Or just sitting and daydreaming.

And if you think "fun" can't be practical, consider this. Walking around your garden frequently, even every day, allows you to see problems before they expand, grows your relationship with the plants and the garden as a whole, and is a heck of lot more effective in getting you out the door than a to-do list!

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