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Flower-filled and drought tolerant

And neglectable. Don't forget that. The goal, for me, is to have a garden that needs less coddling, less weeding, less occasional replannting. A garden that matures into a satisfying abundance of blossoms. An impossible dream? No, but one that needs skillful planting and a few years of watering and careful attention.

I live north of Seattle and, yes, in winter there's plenty of water. Summer, not much. But our summers are short and cool. Plenty of plants are willing to put up with them. But winters can be brutal for the drought-tolerant. Wny? Drought-tolerant roots are often intolerant of wet, cold soil. They rot.

Some summer-dry adapted plants are fine with our winters, but many aren't. To grow them, you need deep, loose ground that has plenty of air spaces. Quick draining rather than moisture-retentive. A home for roots that can find a cool, moist sanctuary even in mid-summer.

I'll be posting more on the subject.

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