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Tough, beautiful runner beans

So enough about being overwhelmed, here's one of the many things that are going right. I have some runner beans seeds from several years ago, a peach-flowering variety called "Celebration," and sprouted a few seeds a month ago, just to make sure they were viable. Then, of course, I had small plants that weren't supposed to be growing this early.

But.... they're a type that's hardy in this climate. The roots would overwinter anyway, so why not trying them in the greenhouse? And yes, they did fine, even when the temperature got into the 30's. Definitely not according to the usual gardening wisdom.

I planted them outside a few days ago with a large plastic cloche to protect them from near-freezing weather, and they tips are still growing upward, winding around some small branches. They're somewhat pale from their time in the shady greenhouse but I expect they'll green up quickly.

And now I know the real toughness they contain.

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