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Discovering the "why" of vegetables

Growing vegetables has always been frustrating for me. They need more fertilizer, more attention, more everything than your average perennial. And I haven't found one that's drought-tolerant. Over-bred, weak, dependent, that's what I've called them.

But I'm coming around. Not because I get the thrill of harvest some of friends experience. But because I like having them around, even if I never eat what they give. But I keep looking at the zucchini, the lettuce, the potato I dug up yesterday and marveling at what appeared out of nothingness.

Magic. There was a seed, a tiny plant, and then somehow food that's delicious and helps my body stay alive. Sunlight, water, various minerals and..... abracadabra! Zucchini! Amazing and ordinary at the same time.

So the harvest, for me, is more of wonder than food. The zucchini I could get at any store, probably for less money and certainly with less effort. The wonder? That's rare and priceless.

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