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Talking to plants - weird or practical?

A friend of mine had a cartoon stuck up on a bulletin board, a drawing of a well-dressed matron kneeling in front of her flowers saying, "I just had to tell you - I took first place in the flower show!" Ditzy? Maybe.

But relationships grow, they're real. If you could see or weigh your relationships, what would they look like? Just because we can't touch or feel them doesn't mean they don't exist. And if someone was always talking about you but never addressing you directly, how would that feel?

So talking to trees, plants, everything, is a way of cultivating relationships. But does that make a difference? Well, if you went to a busy downtown street corner and asked someone for the loan of $5, what result would you expect? What about asking a couple of friends?

With a garden, results can be practical or intangible. Don't expect to hear voices! But you might get a few new ideas, or maybe your plants will grow especially well. Maybe not. That's for you to experiment with, to try out lightly and with humor.

Weird? Definitely, by most people's definition. But I'll bet you'll feel more connected, more interested in your garden. And, who knows, maybe there's more......

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