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Overwhelmed, again

It's March and I can see the end of the line for setting up the garden, mid May usually. And setting that next to my thoughts of what I want the garden to look like can be depressing. I'm in better shape this year than last, more organized and spending more time at the Appletree Garden.

Still, I'm relying on a few tricks I've learned recently. First, to let myself see everything that needs to be done as I come in and walk around the garden. Then just wait until something pops out at me, something I really want to get done. Much more energy if I'm feeling I want to do it rather than I should.

I have so many ideas of what I want the garden to be that just thinking about them puts me into a slight panic. Too much on my shoulders to deal with. Switching to "just do what comes next," works much better.

Then there's the trick I learned in my brief period of practicing Aikido, saying to myself "I have all the time I need." Focuses my mind on the present, keeps me from getting off-balance and reduces stress. And often I really do have all the time I need.

Then there's the process of deleting what isn't completely necessary now, or this year. I may want to move a white rugosa rose, but that isn't as important as planting a swath of apricot-colored California poppies. Prioritizing, organizing, being logical about the process is just as important as being intuitive.

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