• Mara

Garden time without guilt

Spending time just wandering around your garden is one of the most important things you can do for the plants and for yourself. For one thing, you'll notice any problems, like a sudden eruption of quack grass, before they get to be disasters. But wandering around, for me, is often an invitation to thoughts like "I wish I'd done that..." and "Why didn't I do this...." and "How am I going to get everything done?" I see the things I've done wrong and the things I need to do more quickly than the plants that are blooming and growing well, if I'm not careful.

So walking around in good clothes is a signal to myself that I'm in appreciation rather than work mode. A mug of tea means I can't stoop and pull a weed so easily. A tour first thing in the morning, maybe before it's even light and warm enough to work, is an invitation to enjoy the softened colors and the dew on the grass.

You'll find your own tricks, your own ways to make sure you're aware of how everything is growing. Just remember to take a few moments and watch.

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