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Changing yourself, changing your garden

It's April and all the gardening I've loaded onto myself is ridiculous. Home vegetable garden and yard, the Appletree Garden and another I care for. I've got a ton of seeds to plant and care for as well. But getting pushed sometimes makes me more creative in solving problems.

For instance, I'm remembering the technique several successful people I've known have used to change their own behavior. All they do is keep imagining whatever it is they want to starting doing. No trying, no "shoulds" involved. Then, they report, at some point they just get up and do it without stressing about it.

So this morning I'm applying that to my gardening chores, imagining all the things I want to do, seeing them clearly in my mind. Something useful to do before the sun's up, for one thing. But also a way of building motivation and giving myself a feeling of taking care of things, being successful with these projects.

And reducing stress makes me more effective, less inclined to just give up and go read a book, always a temptation. Plus, knowing exactly what I want to do makes the whole process go a little faster.

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