The Appletree Garden

     The Appletree Garden is the flower garden of the Whidbey Institute,   (Read more about the Institute here )   It's been tended by enthusiastic and loving volunteers since the early 1970's, mainly by me for the past decade.

     As with many volunteer projects, it's had its ups and downs. I'm still trying to turn parts into cultivated garden beds instead of a wilderness of quack grass, blackberries, hops, nettles and miscellaneous beautiful "thugs" who'd like to take over the place. Crocosmia, Dame's Rocket, Bluebells. Useful in their place, but definitely imperialists at heart.

     But, for all the year's I've gardened for money, working there is never really work. It's like being a kid playing in a sandbox, or building something out of sticks. Play more than anything else.

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